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1. Ownership

1.1 Products remain the property of iSteel until the final balance is settled.

2. Structural opening

 2.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate structure: i.e. (Level / straight with Steel, Timber, Brick or Blockwork) are to building control requirements, formed prior to iSteel install and capable of supplying adequate fixing for our products. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure flooring is level; uneven & unlevel flooring can result in doors having a bigger than average clearance gap and prevent drop seals from operating correctly, which iSteel will not accept liability for. It is the client’s responsibility to make iSteel aware of any underfloor heating, pipes and electricals in the work area and to have provided adequate depth in the flooring for fixings (minimum 30mm). Decisions made by client which deviate from iSteel’s recommended installation process are at the client’s own risk. iSteel will of course work with clients to achieve a good finish, nevertheless our products are straight and square and require fixings into structure on the head, walls and flooring in order to operate correctly. Uneven surfaces and inadequate structure will result in unavoidable gaps and poor fixings which the client is responsible for.

3. Quoted Dimensions

3.1 If dimensions given by client at quotation / order stage are in fact greater at survey stage, there will be an option to pay the difference or cancel the order minus the survey fee of £250+VAT.

4. Product Tolerances

4.1 Our products are made by hand, which may result in slight differences between multiple ordered items. iSteel allow for and deem acceptable a 3mm tolerance per vertical and linear meter. This is due to the nature of using the slimmest possible steel sections.

5. Product requirements

5.1 Quotes are a response to information received by the client, it is the customer’s responsibility to read the quoted details and confirm (Dimensions, Product type e.g. Internal / External / Fire Rated & Rating Required) are as per requirements prior to ordering. If an incorrect product is ordered and fabricated due to incorrect information received, the client will be liable to pay in full.

6. Thresholds

6.1 iSteel products do not include a threshold across the bottom. Differences between flooring finishes and levels are the clients / flooring contractors responsibility to finish.

7. Remedials

7.1 iSteel’s scope of works are to install our products only.
Damages to flooring, plaster finish, cracks and decorations are at the client’s own risk. iSteel will not accept liability beyond our products being installed and operating correctly. It is the client’s responsibility to clear the work area of valuables & furniture to minimise the risk of damages to those. iSteel will endeavour to take reasonable care and precautions to avoid damages where possible.

8. Lead Times

8.1 Upon receipt of 50% deposit, a survey (if required & subject to credit check) will be arranged. iSteel aims to perform surveys within 14 days of receiving deposit payment. With information gathered from surveys, DFA’s (Drawings For Approval) will be issued to the client within 5 working days of the original survey date. DFA’s require the customer to check and explicitly approve before fabrications commence, at which point the turn around time from drawing approval to install is within 14 weeks (unless otherwise agreed).

8.2 iSteel aims to install ahead of the 14 weeks, if our schedule allows for it. In the unlikely event of extreme circumstances, where the fabrication schedule requires it.

8.3 iSteel reserves the right to change lead times after an order is received.


9.1 It is the clients responsibility to ensure that structural openings are finished (plaster boarded / plaster skimmed) and ideally have finished flooring in-situ for the survey date. iSteel fabricate to the dimensions taken from the survey, any changes to the opening after survey date will result in differing dimensions and the risk of our products not fitting correctly – iSteel will not accept responsibility for this and the client will be required to pay balance in full.

9.2 If a client leads iSteel to believe an opening is finished and ready for survey (e.g. fully plastered and flooring in-situ), but is not in reality suitable for measurements to be taken on survey day – client can choose to pay £250+VAT for an additional survey when ready or agree sizes for fabrication.

9.3 iSteel will not accept liability for incorrect dimensions / information received which results in products not fitting or operating correctly. If products don’t fit /operate correctly due to incorrect information received, the client is liable and responsible for paying the balance in full.

10. Storage Fees / Agreed Dates

10.1 Once delivery / installation dates are agreed it is the clients responsibility to facilitate this in a timely manner – making sure site is available on dates / times agreed and working areas are unobstructed ready for installation to commence. Cancelled install dates have a cost implication and knock on effect for labour and other prior arranged installations.

10.2 iSteel do not have storage facilities for orders which are delayed by clients beyond the dates agreed. If an order requires storage for longer than agreed dates the client is required to pay a storage fee of £100+VAT every 7 days for the duration of storage required, calculated from the agreed date on a daily basis to the date of project completion.

11. Payment & Credit Facilities

11.1 For an order to be considered as such *subject to credit check*, iSteel require a deposit of 50% (of project value) and a further 25% prior to install. The remaining 25% balance is due immediately upon project completion, unless otherwise agreed prior.

11.2 In the event of late payment iSteel, reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to suspend production/delivery of goods to the buyer. Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at the rate of 3% of the outstanding balance per month, calculated from the due date on a daily basis to the date of payment. All credit facilities will cease should it be necessary to commence legal action for the recovery of debt.

11.3 iSteel reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities at any time and without prior notice should it be deemed necessary.


1. Age Requirements

1.1 We reserve the right not to sell our products to persons under 18 years of age.

2. Placing your order

 2.1 Orders received are an offer to purchase made to order goods. Once an order is received an order acknowledgement email will be issued.

2.2 The order acknowledgement will contain an itemised list of products ordered, the total cost (including delivery), an order number and anticipated lead time for delivery.

3. Order acceptance

3.1 Order acceptance takes place when the manufacturing of the products ordered commence. There is no contract between you (customer) and us (seller) until your order has been dispatched.

 3.2 We (seller) intend to supply all products ordered, however reserve the right not to accept any offer at any time without explanation. If we (seller) choose to refuse an offer, you (customer) will be informed within a reasonable timeframe.

4. Payment

4.1 All major credit, debit cards and bank transfers (after prior agreement) are acceptable. Payments received at point of order are reserved by us (seller), but does not represent in any way acknowledgement of a contract between us.

4.2 If we are unable to accept an order, a full refund will be issued within 14 working days of cancellation notice.

5. Pricing

5.1 Prices shown do not include a delivery fee (which differ between geographical locations). Delivery costs will be added to your total order price once a delivery address is confirmed.

6. Pricing errors

6.1 If a pricing error is discovered post order, we (seller) will inform you (customer) as soon as practically possible and given the option to either cancel or re-confirm order at the correct value.

 6.2 If we are not able to reach you (customer) using the contact details provided, we will automatically cancel the order, notify you (customer) by email and issue refund within 14 working days of cancelation notification.


7.1 Return requests are to be sent to sales@isteel.co.uk

7.2 Returns are accepted within 7 calendar days of order delivery, provided products are in original ‘new’ condition (unused and free of damage) and in original packaging. You (the customer) are responsible for the cost of return postage/courier unless the product received is faulty and or not as described.

 7.3 Refunds for unwanted products are made to the original payment method (within 14 working days of notification) minus the original delivery fee. We (seller) reserve the right to reduce the refundable monetary value to reflect the condition of and re-saleability of products if those returned are damaged in any way.


8.1 Our Products are hand crafted, not produced by a machine therefore, we reserve the right that there may be slight differences in dimensions / colour and finish between multiples of the same product.


9.1 All personal information will be handled with privacy in accordance with GDPR rules.


10.1 We reserve the right to subcontract our delivery services to the courier of our choice (dependant on delivery location and service required).

 10.2 Shipping normally takes 2-4 working days (dependant on location and service required), we (seller) reserve the right to increase at any time (you, the customer will be informed by email). Upon order receipt an estimated delivery time will be communicated upon dispatch.


11.1 Card payments will be processed through Stripe; at checkout your personal data (contact and order details) will be passed to Stripe for payment to be processed. Your personal data in transferred and processed in line with Stripe’s own privacy policy.


12.1 To utilise the Klarna service, at checkout your personal data (contact and order details) will be passed to Klarna for a qualifying assessment and to further tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data in transferred and processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy policy.

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