iSteel is proud to offer a bespoke option on all our internal and external products. If the options within our online shop do not suit your needs we offer a bespoke service which includes; full design, site survey and installation if required.

Once you have placed a bespoke order the first thing we do is review your requirements and then arrange a detailed on-site survey by our professional team.

Glass and steel are expensive materials. Once your bespoke screen has been fabricated there is no going back and mistakes can be costly. Our survey ensures that we obtain precise measurements and review any potential access or installation issues. It also provides you with complete peace of mind, as we take on responsibility for all fabricated sizes.

When you place your order we will firstly contact you to double check all the details you have submitted. If all is OK we then ask for payment of a small non-returnable deposit of £250 + VAT to cover the cost of the survey. We then organise a mutually convenient date with you for the site survey, which normally require around 7 days notice to organise. All we ask is that during the survey the area where you require the partition to be installed must be clear of any obstructions on the floor, walls or ceilings. This includes items such as electrical or data sockets, lights, air conditioning, radiators/heaters, furniture, alarms, smoke detection, ventilation grilles, ductwork, floor boxes, controls and other such items which prevent a clean wall, floor or ceiling fix.

We also determine the glass sizes during the survey. If you have special requirements (acoustics for example), this information must be supplied prior to the site survey and discussed with our surveyor. Our price is based on the initial design work you will be issued with at the quoting stage. If we determine that any deviation or extras are required at the survey, this may incur additional costs and will be advised to you at and after the survey.

Uplifting glass and steel framework may carry an extra cost based on the carry in distance, access to building and floor level. Corridor width must be sufficient to handle the materials safely. This will be determined during the site survey, but if you are aware of any difficulty in access please let us know beforehand. Other than ground floor installations, we assume that access for materials will be via goods lifts or similar. If this is not possible, a manual carry will required and a lifter’s fee added to the post survey price confirmation.

We can offer an installation service to virtually every major town and city in mainland England, Scotland and Wales. A surcharge may be applied to cover additional travelling and accommodation expenses to outlying areas, for example the Scottish Highlands. Please contact us for details of postcodes to which this may apply.

Following the site survey, you will be notified of any variations to the price and the project re-confirmed in full. This will only occur if things are different from the information submitted to the iSteel estimating team at quotation stage, for example site conditions, location or measurements. Should you decide not to proceed following receipt of the re-confirmed price, no further charge will be made. The deposit already paid is non-refundable, to cover time and travel expended.

If you are happy with our confirmed quotation, we then ask for payment of the balance in full and then organise an installation date with you.