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Professional Survey

iSteel’s Survey Guidance


iSteel are proud to offer as standard a comprehensive survey performed by an experienced professional.

This service is a vital stage of our complete design, make and installation process.

Read below to find out more about our Survey Requirements.


So you have decided to order your bespoke glazed steel doors from iSteel, and want to get your survey booked in? This information will make it easier for you to understand our survey requirements and help determine if you are in fact ready for a survey or not.

iSteel quotes, (unless otherwise required) include and allow for a survey to take place. On Survey date our specialist surveyor will visit the site and assess the area, discuss any of your concerns or special requirements but most importantly take precise measurements of the opening for us to manufacture your order.

iSteel only allows for one survey in the quoted price, so it’s important to make sure you are ready for it. An unsuccessful survey which results in no measurements being taken will delay your order because you will need to rebook and wait for another survey, costing an additional £250+VAT and result in a longer lead time.

We understand an iSteel product is an investment and an exciting purchase you would like to discuss in detail, which is why we welcome you to visit our showroom in Yorkshire or give our experienced sales team a call who would be happy to help. The survey is performed to take measurements ready for our fabrication team to get to work on your doors.


1. Unsuccessful Survey Example One

You have made the decision to take the plunge and order your iSteel doors but have not yet created your opening, unfortunately we are unable to perform a survey, because there is no opening to measure. You can still place an order, we will issue a quote based on your anticipated width and height but advise you have the works done and inform us once complete so we can book a survey date in for you.

1.1 Advice

If you are at the stage before works begin, there are things you can do to take advantage of the situation and consider the changes to be made.

  • Electrical sockets & Switches – will they be in the way of your new iSteel doors, do they need moving?
  • underfloor heating we often require fixings into the floor so it is best to make sure pipes are not in the exact area the doors will eventually be and also note how deep pipes will be buried into the concrete, so you can inform the surveyor on survey day.

2. Unsuccessful Survey Example Two

You are in the middle of construction works, which are progressing rapidly and being proactive wish to book a survey to reduce the length of time you have to wait for your beautiful new doors. Unfortunately if your opening is formed, but not yet finished we are unable to take precise measurements because plasterboard, a skim finish and flooring depths can change the opening dimensions dramatically. We need millimeter precision measurements, otherwise there is a risk the doors wont fit.


2.1 Advice

If you are at this stage and in the middle of construction works, there are things you can do to take advantage of the situation and consider the changes being made.

  • Will there be pipes or electrical wires hidden in the newly formed opening? If so those need to be well out of the way of the area you want your new doors to be.
  • Electrical sockets & Switches – will they be easily accessible once your doors are installed, perhaps the location needs some thinking about.
  • underfloor heating speak with your installer and find out how deep the pipes will be, also the precise location (take photos) we will need this information to help avoid drilling into those on install day.

3. Successful Survey Example

You have had the builders in! the opening has been formed, plaster boarded, skimmed and in an ideal world the finished flooring has been installed. This is the perfect time to have iSteel perform your survey, we are able to assess the environment correctly and take precise measurements ready for your order to be fabricated.

3.1 Advice

If all the works are done, you can relax and feel confident iSteel can perform a successful survey! Here are some suggestions to consider prior to the surveyors arrival.

  • Are there any pipes or wires hidden in the newly formed opening? If so, inform the surveyor so a note of those can be taken.
  • Furniture and the layout of the space, understanding how you will use space will help determine which way you want doors to open.
  • Underfloor heating? The surveyor will need to make a note of the depth pipes are buried and the location of those to avoid damages on install day.
  • If skirting boards are installed already, fantastic! If not it’s a good idea to have made a decision on those. the surveyor will need to know the depth those will

    protrude into the opening.

  • Structure, is there adequate structure for your isteel doors to be fixed to? Steel, Timber and brickwork are all fine. Hollow walls are not adequate.
  • Flooring, Hopefully your new flooring is installed on survey day, but if not we need to know the thickness, including underlay etc.