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Domestic, Leeds

15th July 2022

So you’re having renovation works done on your home, and you have planned a dream interior, then it hits you. Building Control have stipulated Fire Rated Doors! Ok you can deal with this, but a google search quickly reveals Fire doors are pretty ugly and there are not a lot of options out there.

iSteel have the answer! We specifically developed FIRERATED E30 to service a style conscious clientele and offer a beautifully crafted glazed steel 30 minutes protection Fire Door where there were no others on the market.

iSteels is proud to boast our FIRERATED E30, 30 minutes fire rated doors are the slimmest available in the UK.


FIRERATED E30 Glazed Steel 30 Minutes Fire Rated Doors


      • RAL9005 Textured Black
      • Swing Opening 180 degree hinges
      • Lever Latch, locking handles with lock box detail
      • Designed, Surveyed, Fabricated, and Installed by iSteel

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